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A threat from the future has come to the present to destroy the Titans: Donna Troy's son, Lord Chaos! Bringing with him a futuristic army, the would-be hero turned despot faces Titans past and present in the heroes' greatest conflict to date. However, when the battle becomes too much for even these super-teams, will they be able to turn to their greatest foe, Deathstroke, for assistance? This timeless crossover from one of the greatest creative teams of all time is finally here!


Collects New Titans #90-92, Deathstroke, the Terminator #14-16 and Team Titans #1-3.

Code EAN13 9781401278649
Auteur XXX
Éditeur DC
Genre Comics V.O.
Date de parution 17/05/2018
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Description du format Version Papier
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