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(W) Marc Guggenheim, Dan Slott, Bob Gale, Zeb Wells (A) Phil Jimenez, Andy Lanning, Dexter Vines, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Phil Winslade, Mike Deodato, Salvador Larroca, Mark Bagley, Arne Starr (A/CA) Steve McNiven


"In...BRAND NEW DAY, Peter Parker returns to his roots..." - USA Today

"(BRAND NEW DAY) is a very creative idea. It should stimulate a lot of interest in the characters and the books, and I'm eager to see what happens next." - Stan Lee

The old Parker Luck is back! Desperately trying to scrouge up cash to pay the rent and keep his web-spinners recharged, Peter's misfortunes are compounded by the wreckless antics of Overdrive, the nihilistic villainy of Mister Negative and the ominous threat of the high-flying Menace. And just who is the newest super hero in town - the stunning, red-haired Jackpot? The new Spidey Braintrust of writers - Dan Slott (SHE-HULK), Marc Guggenheim (WOLVERINE), Bob Gale (the Back to the Future trilogy) and Zeb Wells (PETER PARKER: SPIDER-MAN) - has loaded up BRAND NEW DAY with all the charm and freewheeling fun of classic Spider-Man, but with a fresh new take on super-hero action and drama. Brought to visual life by a bevy of today's most peerless pencilers - like Steve McNiven (CIVIL WAR), Salvador Larroca (UNCANNY X-MEN) and Phil Jimenez (Infinite Crisis) - the stories of BRAND NEW DAY are restoring AMAZING SPIDER-MAN to a level of consistency and playfulness that can't help but remind readers of the reason they fell in love with the'ol Webhead in the first place! Collecting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #546-551, SPIDER-MAN: SWING SHIFT and material from VENOM SUPER SPECIAL #1.

Code EAN 139780785128458
Auteur XXX
DisponibilitéExpédié sous 4 à 10 jours
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