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(W) Mike Baron, Roger Salick, More (A) Larry Stroman, More (A/CA) Whilce Portacio


Delivering justice from New York to Japan! Gary Saunders is on death row - but the law doesn't move fast enough for the Punisher! The kids at Malcolm Shabazz High School had better behave for their new substitute teacher: Mr. Castle! But how does that lead to Frank trying to topple the Kingpin? He's determined to take down Wilson Fisk once and for all - and it's all building to a brutal face-off! Then, Frank heads to Las Vegas in search of an assassin! A knockout round in the boxing ring leads to an encounter with the ninja Shadowmasters, and he'll team up with Moon Knight when Atlantis Attacks - but what is the Punisher's part in the Evolutionary War? Plus: Frank takes on a war journal's worth of drug dealers, mobsters and criminals! Collecting PUNISHER (1987) #11-25 and PUNISHER ANNUAL #1-2.

Disponibilité :
Non disponible actuellement - COVID 19
Code EAN 13 9781302916411
Auteur XXX
Editeur MARVEL
Date de parution 07/02/2019
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Description du format Version Papier
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