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Auteur: XXX

(W) David Michelinie, Steven Grant, More (A) George Perez, More (A/CA) John Byrne


Who knew the fight of the Avengers' lives would be in the courtroom? Henry Peter Gyrich has his sights set on stripping Earth's Mightiest Heroes of their charter - but when the Grey Gargoyle crashes the hearing, the only motion is to Assemble! Then, the action moves to Pittsburgh before a new nemesis arrives in the form of...the Taskmaster! In his first appearance, the villain who can replicate any hero's actions battles the Avengers, Yellowjacket, the Wasp - and Scott Lang, the all-new Ant-Man! On the way to its milestone 200th issue, the team encounters the towering robot Red Ronin and unites against Ultron in an all-time classic! Also featuring a Wonder Man solo tale, a rare Vision story and an action-packed adventure starring - Jarvis?!


Collecting AVENGERS (1963) #189-202, MARVEL PREMIERE #55 and TALES TO ASTONISH (1979) #12.

Code EAN13 9781302916374
Auteur XXX
Éditeur MARVEL
Genre Hard Cover
Date de parution 11/04/2019
Support Luxe
Description du format Version Papier
Poids 1500 g
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