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Alan Moore was the braintrust behind America's Best Comics, one of the most acclaimed imprints in the history of comics. Comprised of four main titles: Tom Strong, Top10, Promethea, and the anthology Tomorrow Stories, the ABC line paired Moore with the finest artists in comics. This volume will present a beautiful overview of the ABC line, including complete stories from Promethea #10 (Eisner Award-winner for best issue of the year) and Top 10 #7. Additionally, a fine selection of shorter stories featuring Tom Strong, Jack B. Quick, Splash Brannigan, and Greyshirt will be included. Plus a stunning gallery section. The best stories by the best artists in the best format!

Written by Alan Moore, with art by Arthur Adams, Hilary Barta, Gene Ha, Kevin Nowlan, Paul Rivoche, Chris Sprouse, Rick Veitch, and J.H. Williams III, with cover artwork by Chris Sprouse or J.H. Williams III

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Non disponible actuellement - COVID 19
Code EAN 13 9781631407604
Auteur XXX
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Date de parution 01/02/2017
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